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Thank you for your interest in Qigong and Qi Dao in particular. The ebooks, video and audio materials you can find here will help you discover how energy awareness can contribute to your physical and emotional health, spirituality, wellness, and wellbeing. Many of our multimedia products are dedicated to being in the flow in every aspect of your life: from self-healing to self-defense, and from personal development to conscious evolution of humankind.

Basic Qi Dao Workshop

If you have some experience in the Internal Martial Arts or any style of Qigong, this workshop will transform your un...

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Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program

If you have taken all kinds of workshops or seminars, but still feel that you would like to get a more substantial Qi...

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Four Secret Tips from Lama Tantrapa on How to Live Your Life in the Flow!

You're one last step away from beginning to truly manifest your dreams!