Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program

If you have taken all kinds of workshops or seminars, but still feel that you would like to get a more substantial Qigong training, this is the program for you!

Program Description

Discover for yourself one of the most intelligent long-distance Qigong training programs in the world at Academy of Qi Dao – the leading Qigong school of the 21st century offering the innovative use of communications technologies and our unique kinesthetic learning methods to facilitate learning Qigong regardless of your geographical location.

While the majority of Qigong schools tend to focus on teaching about the meridian system or how to run the energy currents through the hands, our basic program will empower you to master standing, moving, and breathing naturally, so that you can be free of energy blockages and self-imposed limitations. The main thing distinguishing our program is its focus on building a strong foundation for your further exploration of any Energy, Healing, or Martial Arts.


As soon as you enroll into our program, you will start learning the practices designed to provide you such crucial benefits as:

- Embodying the quintessential principles of Energy Awareness;

- Developing a more graceful and powerful way to move your body;

- Discovering the ways to feel the flow of Qi and be in the flow;

- Learning the most effective energy-based meditation practices;

- Improving your physical as well as inner strength, agility and balance;

- And developing your authentic methods for self-healing.


Over the course of the next three months, you will receive training in four different formats and enjoy the following:

1) Participating in 12 weekly group coaching sessions

2) Receiving three monthly private or semi-private coaching sessions

3) Watching the webinars recorded during our previous programs

4) Attending a weekend finale workshop (required for graduating)

The weekend workshop completing each level of Qi Dao training is the only time when you will need to come to Portland, Oregon, unless this workshop is available at a different location. During this live event, you will gain hands-on experience of sharing the basics of Qi Dao with the other students, which is required for graduating as a Certified Basic Qi Dao Practitioner. And even more importantly, you will receive the initiation into the Practice of Empowerment, which is a unique aspect of Qi Dao tradition that is designated to enable you to feel the flow of Qi and to be in the flow at will.


When you graduate as a Certified Basic Qi Dao Practitioner, you will qualify for enrollment into our more advanced programs, so that you can continue:

- Developing the Harmonious Culture of Movement;

- Learning how to be centered, grounded, and rooted;

- Healing and prevention of stress and tension;

- Improving your mindfulness and attentiveness;

- Learning to send waves of Qi through your body;

- Enhancing your balance with kinesthetic awareness;

- Exploring the path of self-realization and spiritual awakening.


As soon as you are accepted into this program, you will be able to start your journey by downloading the bonus materials comprising the Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course consisting of the following:

1) Basic Qi Dao Book entitled Qi Dao: Tibetan Shamanic Qigong;

2) Unabridged Audiobook named The Art of Being in the Flow;

3) Basic Qi Dao Workbook;

4) Two hours of video training from the companion DVD called Harmonious Culture of Movement;

5) The meditation album entitled Qi Dao Initiation.

Register for this program now, as the space is very limited due to the personalized nature of the private coaching sessions that you will receive for the next three months. Please choose the tuition option that suits you best:


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