Harmonious Strength Training

Discover for yourself a radically new way to improve your resilience and build your Inner Strength without going to the gym or lifting any weights at home, but rather by training your body harmoniously and activating a greater percentage of your total muscle fibers at the same time.

Learn how to:

  • Train your whole body by working muscle groups in harmony, rather than separately;
  • Train throughout the full range of motion using circular movements to boost both strength and flexibility;
  • Build Inner Strength and endurance without having after-training soreness and stiffness.

Harmonious Strength Training is fun and does not feel like a traditional exercise, requires no weights or equipment and can be done at any location and on any schedule. This system of training empowers you to not only develop strength and flexibility but also avoid the "weekend warrior syndrome." 

You will receive 14 training videos and webinars addressing every part of the body to learn from as well as one complimentary coaching session with an Inner Strength Coach. In case you opt for the three-month coaching program, you will receive 12 weekly group coaching sessions dedicated to Harmonious Strength Training in the company of like-minded people in addition to the online course that you will be able to consult with for years to come. All the sessions get recorded, so that you can watch them at your convenience although you are highly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to receive real-time coaching from an expert to stay on track every week.

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