Qigong Group Coaching Program

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you will benefit tremendously from participating in this group coaching program. It is the one and only program of its kind that is dedicated to providing this type of continuing education to the practitioners of Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, and related disciplines. 

By participating in this 3-month program, you will learn how to enhance your physical and mental flexibility, how to send energy waves through different parts of your body as well as how to release various chronic tensions that may be causing some energy blockages in the body. Not only will you find a greater sense of physical health and wellness, but also enjoy inner peace by exploring the profound meditation practices brought to you by Lama Tantrapa. Enroll today to discover for yourself how to develop a more harmonious culture of movement, so that you can use your body, mind, and energy more efficiently.

Among the many benefits of Qigong Coaching, you will most likely enjoy the following:

1) Learning to be Centered, Grounded and Rooted;

2) Managing and preventing stress and tension;

3) Improving your flexibility and range of motion;

4) Learning to send waves of Qi through your body;

5) Enhancing your balance through Kinesthetic awareness;

6) Embarking on the path of self-realization and spiritual awakening.

In order to actualize and enjoy the benefits listed above, you will begin by learning the quintessential principles of Energy Awareness and discovering for yourself some new ways to be in the flow that will improve your mental and physical balance and flexibility. You will also learn the most effective meditation practices, methods of self-healing and ways to enhance the quality of your life. Qigong practitioners are generally known for being really energetic, centered, and spiritually awake as the result of doing the practices specifically designed to help develop such qualities, which you will also learn over the next three months.

In addition to the weekly coaching sessions, you will also receive access to three online courses, the combined value of which is actually greater than the tuition for this program:

1) Qigong Fundamentals;

2) Fundamentals of Internal Martial Arts;

3) How to Overcome the 3 Most Prevalent Qigong Problems.

Please choose the payment option that suits your needs best and do not hesitate to enroll today, as you have noting to loose, because we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

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