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Over 2500 years ago, Buddha said that pain and suffering were some of the most common experiences in this world. At one point or another, most of us experience such things as:

  • Physical agony of an injury or an ailment;
  • Emotional stress and anxiety stemming from life being unpredictable or unjust;
  • Torment of feeling inadequate in some way;
  • Loneliness or suffering the loss of loved ones.

Have you experienced any of these types of pain or suffering? What if there was an intelligent, authentic and effective way not only to overcome these challenges, but to benefit from them in the most unexpected ways?

When you go through some of our programs or services, you will discover for yourself a uniquely holistic approach that is designed to get right down to the root of your problems, so that you can transcend your suffering, overcome your challenges, start manifesting your dreams, and begin living your life in the flow.

Uplevel Your Life with Qigong Coaching

Discover for yourself how this unique blend of ancient Energy Arts and modern coaching methodology can help you manifest and live your dream life:


No matter what challenges you face, we can design a coaching program that would be right for you!

Whether you're in pain, feel overwhelmed, or want to improve any aspect of your life, Qigong Coaching can help you to transform your life and begin manifesting and living your dreams!


Here are just a few of the coaching programs that we offer:

From Chronic Pain to Wellness

Here at Academy of Qi Dao, we can help you address the root-cause of your aches and pains by addressing the unconscious internal struggle that is usually responsible for physical misalignments and energy blockages.

Learn to relax under pressure, which will naturally boost your vitality and wellness.


From Stress to Being in the Flow

Who doesn't need to know how to manage stress? If you have a tendency to be reactive under stress, which only makes the stress worse, you will definitely benefit from becoming responsive to whatever life throws your way.

This enlightened way of looking at things will significantly enhance the quality of your life.


From Feeling Stuck to High Performance

Would you like to learn how to boost your power, increase your flexibility, and enhance your ability to perform better than ever before under pressure?

Fine-tune your movements and all actions to make them more effortless, yet extremely effective, achieving better results while using less energy and effort.


From Spiritual Seeking to Self-Realization

Humanity is in desperate need of awakening from the nightmare of ego's tyranny. Are you ready to set your ego free and commit to spiritual awakening?

Learn Dream Yoga to become as lucid in your daily life as you can be in a lucid dream to enjoy self-realization. This is the key to a life of meaning and fulfillment.


At Academy of Qi Dao we also offer several online courses dealing with a variety of common-interest topics.


Here are some of our most popular courses by Lama Tantrapa:

Qigong Fundamentals

Whether you are an experienced practitioner of Qigong, Tai Chi, or another style of Martial Arts and/or meditation, or a beginner exploring these arts in order to find the real way to step up to the next level of self-mastery, you are welcome to join us for a series of master classes that can transform your meditation practices and help you eliminate stress. This course will help you learn some of the most natural and effective ways to stand, breathe, move, and meditate!


Abundance Through Being in the Flow

Lama Tantrapa offers a holistic approach to Energy Arts and their applications to all spheres of life: from Healing to Martial Arts, personal development, business mastery, relationships, and spiritual awakening in the dream called daily life. You are about to discover for yourself several important principles of spiritual and energy awareness that will facilitate abundance of energy, free time, love, money, and other resources that will boost the quality of your life.


How to Overcome Qigong Problems

Have you been practicing Qigong or some other Energy Arts for a while and found yourself struggling or getting stuck on a plateau? Do you feel all alone in your unique kind of struggles? In this course, you will learn not only how to overcome these challenges, but also how to embody several important principles, such as being Centered, Natural, Authentic, and Attentive, as well as how to use power, rather than force. As a result, your Qigong practice will never be the same!


The Qi Dao Practitioner Certification programs offered by Academy of Qi Dao are not available anywhere else in the world!

These programs are specifically designed to train and promote your self-actualization that can empower you to be on the cutting edge of the conscious evolution of humankind.


Our entry-level certification programs:

Basic Qi Dao Workshop

If you are a Qigong practitioner aspiring to gain greater benefits from and, eventually, mastery of Energy Arts, attending this workshop is a must.  It is also an introduction to the Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification program, which is one of the premier training and certification programs for Qigong practitioners worldwide.

If you have some experience in the Internal Martial Arts or any style of Qigong, this workshop will transform your understanding of these arts. It will help you learn and embody the most important principles underlying all these arts so that you can master them as well as the Art of Being in the Flow.


Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program

If you have taken all kinds of workshops or seminars, but still feel that you would like to get a more substantial Qigong training, this is the program for you.

Discover for yourself one of the most sophisticated long-distance Qigong training programs in the world at Academy of Qi Dao – the leading Qigong school of the 21st century offering the innovative use of communications technologies and our unique kinesthetic learning methods to facilitate learning Qigong regardless of your geographical location.


Qigong Coach Certification Program

This one-of-a-kind program is dedicated to elevating your Qigong practice to a completely new level by learning to apply it in groups and private practice. It may take about six months to complete combining the professional studies with doing real-life coaching sessions. 

Once you have learned how to coach your clients using our unique Qigong Coaching methodology, you will start building a solid foundation for your coaching business. The Business Development part of this program will help you hit the ground running as soon as you graduate, so that you, too, can become a successful Qigong Coach.


Are You Ready to Live Your Life in the Flow?

Have you ever begun a new practice or routine that started out with you feeling energized and excited only to have found yourself losing your drive and motivation mere days or weeks later?

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Be in Your Authentic Flow

Discover how to make the most authentic and intelligent decision every time and quickly begin manifesting the life of your dreams!

Realize Your True Potential

Discover how to make consistent progress in your goals without ever struggling or suffering so that you never get off track!

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